Nomad RV Home Renovation

Let me tell you a short story. So I was scrolling through a travel group on Facebook and little did I know, I would come across some really cool design inspiration. I came across such a beautiful RV makeover that I had to write a post about it.

This follows the redesign of a RV by Halsey of the Bare Necessities blog. The RV is a 1997 Coachman Merida. The RV was purchased in order to help fulfill a dream of hers: to be able to have the freedom to travel the world and not be held down in one place. Very inspirational!


Halsey did most of the work herself. Here’s a small except from the blog describing the transformation process:
“I basically started the over-haul by taking off all the cupboard doors to paint, ripped out everything I knew I didn’t want and took it to the dump – Including furniture, dinette, countertop, carpet wall and carpet. This is a daunting task of about 1000 stables and 500 screws. Everything I wanted white was primed then painted.

The countertop was removed and left the spot for the oven (that was previously removed) quite warped. Everything (in the RV) had to be re-secured. Countertop was custom made for new sink – by upgrading the size of the sink we lost the whole top drawer for cutlery (totally worth it).”

You can read more about the renovation here.

Well she has done an incredible job. I really like the white paint used with the accents of the wood throughout. It feels so much more modern and update with the style changes.

It definitely inspires me to maybe have my own RV one day to redesign it. Travel the world in style!

If you could have your own RV, what would you want it to look like?

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