This is what you need to hang your Artwork (when you can’t use nails)

framed artwork

I LOVE artwork. It has the power to make such a difference in the space by bringing color and personality. Artwork can help to inform you and others that visit your home about your interest and of your values as well.

But sometimes its not easy being able to actually hang up your photos. Some rentals don’t allow you to be able to put holes in your walls. My apartment doesn’t have drywall but instead concrete walls so I can’t use standard nails.  

Despite not being able to use nails to hang up the photography, I’ve successfully managed to put up most of my photos (still have to finish putting up so pieces).

Keep reading to find out to hang up your photos (without holes in the walls).

1. Command Strips

3M Command Strips via Amazon

Command strips are one of the most common ways to be able to hang pictures up. They come in a variety of sizes from small to large strips depending on the size of artwork that you want to hang up. I find that the command strips work best on either canvas artwork or thicker art frames. They won’t work on very thin frames because the command strip is too thick.

The weight limit for the command strips varies depending on the size of the strips and the size of the frame that you’re wanting to hang up. The smaller strips have a lower weight limit while the larger command strips have a higher weight limit.

2. Double Sided Mounting Squares

I found the double sided mounting squares to be useful for some of the artwork that had thinner frames in which the command strips were too big. I was able to trip the mounting squares to fit the thin frame all around and placed the cut pieces around the frame.

The frames have been holding up well.

3. Washi Tape

Washi Tape Artwork

Washi tape is a fun and inexpensive option for hanging your artwork while not taking up as much visual space as traditional frames. Washi tape also comes in a variety of colors and patterns. If you prefer something neutral then you can choose a black, white, or navy washi tape. If you like color and or pattern, you can choose a neon

I wouldn’t recommended using washing tape on very expensive prints because the tape could cause damage to the print.

I think that washi tape works best for polaroids, children’s art, magazine cutouts, and wall collages.

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