Top 10 Picks from the Target Indochic Opalhouse Collection

Spring and summer is often a time of renewal. This past spring 2018 showed a time of home design renewal at one of America’s favorite shopping stores: TARGET! On April 8, Target released a new home décor brand that it exclusive to their stores by the name of Opalhouse. The new Opalhouse collection is  available both online and in-stores.

Here are more details about the about the new Opalhouse brand according to the Target website:

“When developing an identity for Target’s new home brand, we wanted a name that reflected the unique nature of this eclectic collection. We immediately drew inspiration from the opal, because these rare gemstones are never the same. Each vivid opal is a brilliant display of diversity, color and light—all mixed together within one distinct treasure. We also wanted to create a brand that was more than products, but also a destination: a place for guests to discover inspired pieces that reflect their individuality, and extraordinary style.”

Looking at the new Opalhouse brand, the description that Target provided for the new collection stating that it is an eclectic collection is accurate. There are three main collections under the Opalhouse brand. The Opalhouse collection names are Indochic, Canyon Sunrise, and Mallorca.

There is so much to see with this new collection and that excites me! 😀 Due to the mass volume of items to see, I will be creating a mini series of my top 10 pieces from each of the mini collections within the new Target Opalhouse collections.

The Indochic collection has influences from French-Vietnamese design styles. The color palette is classy featuring mostly blue jewel tones paired with whites and gold.  The forms in the furniture as well as some of the design motifs utilized in this collection are styles that are classic and stood the test of time for decades. The colors in this collection are so vibrant and beautiful. There is so much visual texture and the new Opalhouse brand does not shy away from texture, color, or shine.

Stay tuned to see the top 10 picks for the Indochic Opalhouse collection:

1.Soap/Lotion Teal Blue dispenser

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited over a soap dispenser before but here we are. There’s a first time for everything after all. The color of the soap dispenser isn’t opaque; it has translucency to it with fits in perfectly with the characteristics of a real opal gem.

2. Nerine tufted velvet rollback accent chair

Velvet is one of my favorite materials so once I saw this chair I immediately got excited. Velvet is an elegant material that easily adds a lux feel to a space. The tufted velvet chair is a very classic style. This particular style chair I could see working in a transitional decor style. This chair comes in three different colors: purple, teal, and blue.

3. Pleated Velvet Oversized Lumbar Pillow (citron)

Usually I’m drawn to more cool tones but then I saw this yellow pillow. This shade of this pillow is very electric and eyecatching. This would add an excellent pop of color with a primarily neutral décor.

4. Panther Oversize Lumbar Throw Pillow

This pillow seems like it would fit perfectly in Wakanda (#wakandaforever) due to the panther imagery on the front. The cool feature about this pillow is the design. Its reversible so when you want a break from the panther imagery on the front, then you can turn it around to give your space a different feel. The other side of the pillow has a printed teal pattern on the back.

The back of panther pillow.

5. Peacock Feather Gold Table Lamp

What makes this particular gold lamp unique is the intricately carved peacock feather design over the entire lamp. While this lamp already comes with a white lamp shade, this lamp would also look pretty cool with a black lamp shade as well. A simple and neutral lamp shade allows for this golden peacock lamp to remain the star.

6. Canary Floral Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper

If you want to add a vintage tropical aesthetic to your space, then this wallpaper is perfect. I really like all of the details and colors in it. The multiples colors in this wallpaper from the pink to the green to the teals, it gives you a lot of options of different colors to use in regards to creating a color palette for the space.

7. Glass Pineapple Table Lamp Brass

My favorite features about this lamp are one the fact that it is shaped like a pineapple (pineapple is one of my favorite fruits.  ) and two that fact that it is a clear design. Clear pieces don’t take up a lot of visual space so if you have a lot of different colors or patterns in the space, the clear lamp is a perfect compliment.

8. Tropical Palm Wall Canvas Art (2 Pk.) 

This abstract tropical palm is the perfect complement to the tropical aesthetic within this collection. The nice thing about this artwork is that it comes as a set of two so you get a bit of extra bang for your buck. The other nice feature about this artwork is that it comes framed so its an upfront cost that you don’t have to worry about. With this artwork being a pair, you can create a diptych art moment in an entry way or above your bed. The Target website also states that this artwork could be hung horizontally so that would give a different viewing experience of this art. If you want to spread your artwork throughout different spaces in the home, consider separating this pair.

9. Touraco Accent Table (Brown/White)

Whenever there is contrast within a piece, it instantly adds more visual interest. I really enjoy the contrast between the wood and the white front drawer. It makes a piece that could feel a bit traditional more contemporary. The drawer in the accent table makes this table more functional allowing you to add more storage. The table could work in both a living room or a bedroom as nightstands.

10. White Indo Peacock Duvet Cover Set 

This bedding features a repeat print of a peacock on top of a birdcage with pink flowers subtley  in the background. Paired with neutral bedroom furniture, this would give a nice pop of color to the space. This bedding would also look nice with a dark blue velvet bedframe.

So here are my top 10 picks from the Indochic Opalhouse collection. Make sure to stay tuned to see my top 10 picks from the Canyon Sunrise & the Mallorca collection.

What was your favorite piece from the Indochic collection? 

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