2020: My Top Nine Favorite Discoveries (from health to Youtube)

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Even though 2020 was a year of many challenges, there were a lot of positive things that I discovered through 2020 as well.

Keep reading to find out about my favorite 2020 discoveries.

1. Les Mills Fitness

During the summer while my complex was renovating the fitness center, they provided us free fitness voucher for a local workout studio. The workout studio offered socially distanced fitness classes and they taught from Les Mills. Les Mills is a New Zealand fitness programs ranging from yoga to weightlifting with barbells known as BodyPump. For the BodyPump courses, you have a range of strength training workouts both with & without workouts during durations of various song lengths. Throughout the 60 min class, you end up working your entire body because each song that plays for a certain bodypart (besides your warm-up track which warms up the whole body).

I like the working out the music aspect of the workout. Since taking the classes I’ve noticed an improvement in my endurance and decrease in body fat as well.

2. Hilariocity series by Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann is a film review channel  and on his channel he has a series called Hilariocity (the combination of the words hilarious and atrocity) where he talks about bad movies.

He has been doing the series for years and the hilariocity series provided great comic relief during the quarantine in 2020. Some of my favorite hilariocity videos that hes done is for Batman & Robin, Battlefield Earth, and Mortal Kombat: Annihalation.

3. Dash Egg Cooker

I’m telling you having this egg cooker is a game changer if you love boiled eggs. Before having an egg cooker, I would make boiled eggs in a pot. But I would never be sure of how long it was supposed to be in the water which would lead to the eggs bursting or the water boiling out. Plus the process took longer to make boiled eggs.

Now that I have the egg cooker it cuts down the boiled egg process to the fraction of the time. Within 12 minutes the egg is completely boiled.

4. Dash Airfryer

Airfryers came in a variety of brands but mine is from the brand Dash. I was able to get the airfryer on sale for the fraction of the cost (from 59.99 down to 39.99).

Now the airfryer I had heard of before 2020 but I never purchased one previously. But now that I was in my own apartment, I became interested in owning one. After listening to the recommendations from my friends, I bought in about May and I’ve been using it pretty regularly ever since.

The airfryer has become one my staple appliances in the home. There are many diff. types of foods & desserts you can make in it. The airfryer comes with a cookbook of various recipes that you can try.

Some of the different foods I like to cook in my airfryer are egg rolls, salmon, and chicken.

5. Tabitha Brown

Photo credit: Tabitha Brown website

Tabitha Brown is an actress, comedienne, and home vegan chef who went viral as a Tik Tok influencer. She brings a relatable and accessible approach for those interested in vegan diet.

Both her positive spirit and creative vegan recipes makes Tabitha a joy to watch.

6. Murder and Makeup mystery Monday by Bailey Sarian

Photo credit: Bailey Sarian Instagram

If you like learning about true crime stories then you will enjoy this segment on Baileys channel. Every Monday she shares a true Crime Story while doing her make up at the same time. It’s interesting to learn about the events that went on and some of the true crime stories that she has covered includes the night stalker Aileen Wuornos, and Jim Jones . The makeup looks that she creates while telling the story is also pleasant to see as well.

7. Gourmet Makes featuring Claire Saffitz

Before the implosion of the Bon Appetit channel over the summer there was a longstanding series on the channel called gourmet makes. The show would feature Claire a long time Baker making gourmet versions of common junk food such as Doritos, kit kats, and Easter egg.

8. HBO’s Westworld & Watchmen

These series are some of my favorite newer series that I watched in 2020. Both have really great acting and thought provoking stories that keeps you engaged and makes binge watching worth your time!

9. Oliver Twixt/ANTM Twixtclusives

If you’re a fan ANTM, then you will LOVE these ANTM chats with previous contestants. Over the past few months, Oliver Twixt has been conducting interviews with previous contestants whom provide besides the scenes experiences during the competition in regards to photoshoots, experiences with Tyra Banks and the other judges. The interviews also lets you know what the contestants have been post ANTM as well.

As a fan of the series growing up, you always wonder what happened to the contests after the show so its nice to see where the women are now post ANTM.

Tell me, what were some of your fave 2020 discoveries?

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