About Me

Hi! My name is Nicole.

Since the old TLC show Trading Spaces, I’ve enjoyed all things interior design. After years of studying the interior design craft, I now offer interior design services to driven women who need assistance with the interior design of their home.

I understand the struggle of not enjoying the space that you’re living in. Your environment can affect your mood and productivity for the better or worse.

Did you know that something as simple as color choice can make the difference in whether you feel relaxed vs. anxious and more energetic in your home? That’s the power of color psychology!

You’re busy working, taking care of your health, AND keeping your home clean. You have have the time to create the interior for the space. Plus there are so many options and styles. What is farmhouse vs contemporary? All of the colors and furniture types is overwhelming to you. You’ve also been trying to complete that design project on your own for months to no avail.

You’re frustrated about living with an unfinished space.

Don’t try to take on the work by yourself. I can help! Don’t spend another day living in a space that you’re not 100% happy with. My mission is to create the dream interior design spaces of your dreams!

You can learn more about working together here

More fun facts about me

  • I believe in: God (Jesus Christ), health and wellness, soul fulfilling friendships, 100% brutal honesty (in love)
  • I’m not about: beating around the bush, lying, making excuses, wasting time, dishonesty
  • You can find me: reading, sitting with headphones listening to music and podcasts, doing yoga, watching HGTV, cooking
  • Dream cities to visit: Tokyo, Milan, Los Angeles