Six Ways to Stay at Peace During a Pandemic

For the first time 100 years, the entire world is facing a pandemic. Within a short period of time, the world has completely changed into an unknown unfamiliar place that nothing that we’re used to.  

Everyone is being affected in different ways by current events from furloughment to grieving of family and friends that has been lost to the virus. Some people are even grieving the loss of celebrations for major life cornerstone events: weddings, graduations, etc.

Its been about two months since the shutdowns have taken place. Some places across the country are starting to reopen slowly.  While others places are still closed due to the pandemic and local government restrictions.

Its so easy to be overwhelmed by everything in the world both in real life and the online world. Even amongst all of the changes, its important to take care of yourself during this time both mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Here are six different ways to stay at peace during this current pandemic:

1.Limit your access to news.

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I’m not saying to not be aware. But we don’t need to continually constantly be berated with constant updates. Right now, the news is profiting off the current pandemic. Often the news only shares negativity and even more so now. My suggestion is to limit your access to the news to only a certain time of day (morning, afternoon, evening: YOUR CHOICE!)  On Facebook, you can unfollow the news page. Unfollow the news page or any other page that constantly sharing news. Choose a time for you in order to get updates with current events.

2. Watch happy content

Watching things that make you laugh will help to improve your mood, stress relief, and easy of anxiety. The physical benefits of laughter are relaxation of your muscles, decreased pain, and a boost of immunity as well.

3. Video chat with friends

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Even though video chat isn’t the same as being in person with your friends, for many of us its still the only options that we have right now to keep in touch with friends. Video chat you can make best of it in order to help feed that social need.

4. Prayer, Meditation, and quite time (Bible study)

Woman with hands together prayer with bible

With many things shut down, it’s a perfect time to draw near and to lay your burdens and concerns directly to God. Listed below are some of the apps that I like to utilize to help with meditation and bible study:
Abide: Meditation App (free for short biblical meditation) For longer meditations there is a yearly cost.
YouVersion: Bible app that has topical devotionals relating to worry, anxiety, stress, etc. You can also find sample prayers within the app as well.

5. Seek professional counseling

If you’re an individual that has been having a hard time with your mental health during this time, I would advise scheduling a counseling session with a licensed professional. Venting to friends can be helpful sometimes, many friends are not qualified to provide the specific insight and tools that you’ll need to stay mentally healthy.

BetterHelp is one resource that you can utilize to speak with a counselor. BetterHelp is an app that you can speak with therapists of your choosing. Psychology Today is another website that you can use to you can use to locate a therapy.

6. Journaling

Person writing in journal

For those times when you don’t have the heart to speak with anyone or if you have some inner emotions that you need to work through, journaling can be a great outlet for your pent up emotions. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, journaling can help to manage anxiety, provide an opportunity for positive self-talk along with reducing stress.

What are some ways that you have been working to maintain peace during this pandemic? Comment below! 🙂

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