Easy Guide to Installing Removable Wallpaper *In Your Rental*

removable wallpaper

When people think of wallpaper, they usually think of traditional wallpaper that’s installed with paste and more permanent. People also tend to associate wallpaper designs with a “grandma” aesthetic. But in recent years, there has been advancements in both the designs of wallpaper along with the application of designs and with that a newer wallpaper […]

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Six Simple Tips for Solo Travel in Paris

eiffel tower

Back in November 2019, I went on my very first international solo trip to Paris. Paris was always a dream travel location for me and I am so grateful to have that experience under my belt. Keep reading to find out my personal tips for a Paris solo travel trip. 1. Pick out the Paris […]

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Everything you need to know about the Home Edit

the home edit clea and joanna

Background In September 2020, Netflix released the new Netflix show Get Organized with The Home Edit. The show features the founders of the organizing company called The Home Edit named Joanna Teplin & Clea Shearer. The company was founded in Nashville, TN but they do travel for services outside the state. The eight episode series […]

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The Complete Guide to the Konmari Method: Part One

marie kondo

Released in 2014, the book entitled The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a New York Times bestseller, was published. Since its release, the book has taken world by storm. In 2019, Netflix released the series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo where she shares her konmari cleaning process with various families in the states to help […]

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Six Ways to Stay at Peace During a Pandemic

For the first time 100 years, the entire world is facing a pandemic. Within a short period of time, the world has completely changed into an unknown unfamiliar place that nothing that we’re used to.   Everyone is being affected in different ways by current events from furloughment to grieving of family and friends that […]

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Five Keys to Creating a Minimalist Design Aesthetic

Minimalist design has become one of the newest design crazes in recent years. As many people begin to evaluate the amount of possessions in their life, people are also evaluating the interior décor of their spaces as well. Minimalist design is by nature simplistic, subtle, and not over the top. If you would like to […]

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